BOLDNESS: The willingness to shine bright with radiant fearlessness, even when you do not know what will happen"

- Morgan Harper Nichols

The Lifted Collection

This is a canna collection filled with subtle yet beautiful earrings inspired by the canna culture. Hoping you feel lifted all day wearing any one of these from the simple and small studs to the statement pieces. 

New Arrivals

Lyss Made This For You

Each item is made with you in mind; the soft, the classic, the bold, and the brave. Each piece is designed to showcase the uniqueness of you!

  • Small Batch, Handmade.

    Each item is handmade from the design to the product. Each made in small batches to preserve the quality giving each piece the time and attention it needs.

  • Created to Create.

    Everything I do is done with hopes to inspire you to find your own creativity whether thats in your own bold style or courage to start creating yourself!

  • Making You Smile.

    I want to keep you smiling with small little surprises and continually coming up with new ways to bring a brightness to your life.

You deserve the best!